11 Big 2022 Decor Trends

Curves, textures and nature-inspired interiors to fill the year

These last few years have reminded us how important it is to be comfortable in our homes while retaining their functionality. With the rise of working from home and home-schooling, full or part-time, we’ve discovered the importance of having dedicated study spaces and this year we have seen a rise in sustainability and creativity as we rediscover our personalities and bring our character into our homes.

The 11 biggest decor trends in 2022

The 11 biggest decor trends in 2022

Googling 2022 Decor Trends will give you a huge collection varying from bringing the outdoor into the death of minimalism and open floorplans and the team here at Blinds Quickly understands how overwhelming it can all be, so we’ve curated the top 11 Décor Trends to help our customers spruce up their homes.

You should also check out the Pantone colour of the year for current and past colours to give you colour inspiration when choosing paints, wallpapers, accent pieces, or throws.

1. Nature-inspired surfaces and objects

If we’ve learned anything throughout the pandemic it’s that our connection to nature is very important, whether it be to sustain our wanderlust or provide us with a sense of tranquillity. As we bring more nature into our homes through wooden and stone surfaces, bespoken artwork, organic shapes, natural light, and travel memories we embrace our own personalities and style. Long gone are the days of minimalist white on white homes that feel stark and sterile.

2. Sculptural and curved furniture

The 60’s and 70’s called and are sending us their favourite furniture style. As we embrace the sculptural and curved furniture of the past we can also incorporate the styles from our favourite travel destinations from Europe to Brazil and everywhere in-between. Whether the designs are a combination of nature and culture or embrace the more gracious and sensual shapes we will find our homes to be more relaxing thanks to the soft touches.

3. Shades of brown

Different shades of brown can bring a warmth and depth into your home that it may be lacking. Whether it’s through shades of brown paint, wooden features, or even brown throw pillows or blankets, adding a touch of brown to your home can help ease the sterile feeling from the white walls of yesterday.

4. Dual-purpose rooms

As working from home has become more common it’s important for us to have our own spaces free from distractions. Whether you have a guest room or even a big walk-in closet, converting these spaces to a dual-purpose room can keep your more private areas from becoming high-stress zones.

If you have a guest room, consider changing the bed out for something that can also be dual-purpose such as a futon, daybed, or even a wall bed can make the space feel more comfortable and more of a neutral space for your home office or study.

If that’s not an option, you can always get a room divider and claim a section of your lounge room for a study nook. Adding a pocket door to smaller spaces such as a walk-in closet or study nook can help add privacy to your space as well.

5. High-tech homes

Technology is continuously evolving itself and our homes too. As we incorporate more technology into our homes, we can more heavily personalise it. A high-tech home can make it seem like you’re not home alone with light or sound schedules, along with appliances that turn on automatically giving you more time to focus on the things you want to do.

6. Colourful window treatments

This year we are seeing a lot of colour and patterns being incorporated into our clients’ homes, especially within window treatments. Gone are the days of simplistic curtains or blinds, today we are seeing them for what they are… the jewellery of the room.

If you’ve been looking at updating your windows, why not put some of your personality into it and pick drapery, shades or sheers that have patterns or colours that you love and can easily incorporate into your home.

7. Pattern play

Patterns can be a fun way of incorporating your personality into your spaces and when you begin to layer contrasting patterns you are accepting an exciting challenge! Mixing your favourite patterns together can be tough, but it’s so rewarding when you get it right and everything comes together, giving your space its own personality.

8. Tactile textiles and textures

In addition to patterns, we are also playing more with textiles and textures, embracing the part of ourselves that cannot resist touching a fuzzy blanket or pillow whilst shopping. By incorporating patterned textiles with different textures, we are expanding on pattern play and embracing the idea of giving life to a room.

9. Vintage and sustainable accents

Thrift shoppers rejoice! That vintage piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing is just what you need to add your personality back into your home. By recycling or upcycling vintage pieces we are helping to reduce waste and moving away from the cheap limited use furniture of yesterday. Whilst Pinterest has been full of sustainable accent ideas for the last few years, the ideas of bringing the natural world inside has gained momentum.

10. Leather furniture and upholstery

Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and the like are chockers full of leather furniture and upholstery from people’s parents or grandparent’s homes. While they may have had an entire suite of leather, today’s style leans more towards having one nice classical piece as an accent piece in the room. This is also a great way of incorporating a shade of brown into your home without going overboard.

11. Mixing materials and design styles

Gone are the days when your home was expected to have one design style that flowed through the whole house. This year we are learning to take bits and pieces of different materials and design styles that make us happy to create our own style. Don’t be afraid to take a Mediterranean piece of art and display it alongside a classic European side table. If you like it, try it out!

Personalise Your Window Treatments

Personalise Your Window Treatments

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