Roman Blinds

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What are roman blinds?

Roman blinds, as the name suggests, have been around for a long time. They have a sense of timeless style that adds an element of luxury to any room and are suitable for all seasons of the year. Roman blinds are made from durable fabrics that take shape when raised via the use of lightweight, strategically placed fiberglass battens to create evenly laden folds.

roman blinds
roman blinds styles

Style options for roman blinds

Roman blinds have both soft and hard blind style options. Soft roman blinds, made with draping fabrics, create a feeling of warmth in a room, while hard roman blinds with less pliable materials can deliver a crisp, bold statement to your room aesthetics. Blinds Quickly have all the style options available for you to purchase at the most affordable price.

Style options for roman blinds

Hobbled fold​

Hobbled fold

The hobbled fold is the traditional styling of roman blinds, consisting of loops of fabric all the way down the blind.

Flat fold

The flat fold is a more contemporary option constructed from one complete piece of fabric, making it an excellent style choice for patterned fabric.

Flat fold​
Relaxed fold​

Relaxed fold

A relaxed roman blind offers a more casual look as it is constructed with no horizontal dowels running vertically down either side. The result is a soft and loose drape to the bottom of the blind.


Like many blind options on the market, roman blinds are easy to install and remove within your home. Installation options include arc fit installation, where the blind is affixed above a window or door frame or a recessed fit installation. The team at Blinds Quickly can provide you with comprehensive DIY instructions for installations of your roman blinds. If you prefer the professional touch, our team of service technicians can come to your home, measure and quote and, once your blinds have arrived, install them for you. It’s a real no brainer when it comes to choosing the best supplier for your roman blinds.

What’s the difference between roman blinds and roller blinds?

If you read a description of roman blinds and roller blinds, you might be a little confused on what the difference is. Both blinds are constructed from a piece of fabric mounted over a mechanism operated by a pulley or cord, which can make them difficult to distinguish on paper. However, the key difference between the two options is how they appear and how they open and close. Essentially, roller blinds ‘roll’ up and roman blinds ‘fold’ up.

difference between roman blinds and roller blinds?
Roman blinds vs curtains

Roman blinds vs curtains – the superior choice with Blinds Quickly

If you enjoy the look of draped fabric, you might be measuring up the option of roman blinds versus curtains. In terms of price, roman blinds come up on top, by using around 25% less fabric, meaning they come up cheaper, and with Blinds Quickly cheapest price guarantee, you can be assured of the best possible price for your roman blinds.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a window covering solution for small windows, roman blinds can be a great option. Smaller windows can become overwhelmed by the bulk that often comes with curtains, whereas roman blinds take up no space on either side of the window, creating a soft, streamlined look.

Why choose roman blinds from Blinds Quickly?

So, are roman blinds the right solution for you? There are a multitude of features and benefits that come with roman blinds that may suit your needs. Some of these benefits include:

If you’re in the market for blinds, roman blinds could be the perfect solution for you. Get in touch with the team at Blinds Quickly today for your FREE measure and quote, excellent customer support and superior blinds product!