Panel Glides

What are panel glide blinds?

Panel glide blinds are a modern take on vertical blinds and are a versatile and elegant window covering solution for large windows and sliding doors inside the home. These blinds boast a sleek modern look consisting of a solid fabric panel that can be stacked together for a full view from the window. Panel glides can also be used as both a room divider or closet door to create privacy and bring a neat, organised feel to a room that is easier managed than doors and walls. Panel glides are operated via a control wand or cord operated mechanism with a great ease of use and are effective at controlling light and privacy within a home.

panel glide blinds
panel glide blinds

Why should I choose panel glide blinds from Blinds Quickly?

Panel glide blinds have many features and benefits that make them a strong choice for many customers. Their sleek, fabric panels are suitable for large windows, sliding doors, bifold and French doors. If you are wanting to conserve space, panel glides are a great option as they lay flat against the window frame and take up minimal space. Furthermore, panel glide blinds will often stay cleaner for longer as they sit on the interior of the home and follow the sliding movement of the door itself. This in turn leads to improved accessibility to one’s home as when the blinds are open, they do not obstruct any portion of the sliding door. Blinds Quickly can provide you with these versatile panel glide blinds at a fraction of the cost of other companies; all because we order direct from the manufacturer straight to you.

Choosing the right fabric for your panel glides

Panel glide blinds come in a variety of fabric options with a range of light control levels, colours and patterns to suit the existing feng shui of your home. Help regulate the temperature inside your rooms whilst bringing a sense of simple sophistication and elegance. Panel glides are also easily maintained and repaired making them a great option for longevity. This, combined with their interior installation make for a long-lasting investment….and with the best price and customer service around, Blinds Quickly are the perfect choice for purchasing your panel glides.

panel glide blinds
panel glide blinds

Improve your homes style and elegance with panel glides

Panel glides are a great option for versatility in terms of the amount of light let into a room. As with many blind options, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics that determine the amount of light that is let into a room, ranging from ‘blackout’ to ‘sheer’. Furthermore, the sliding action of the blinds themselves allow for optimum positioning within the window frame to let in and allow for view. You can maximise natural sunlight in a room when the blinds are open, or filter the light through the blinds to create a soft ambient glow.

With years of experience and a downright commitment to delivering high quality products at the most affordable price point, Blinds Quickly should be your first and only choice for these elegant window coverings. We don’t compromise on quality and yet, your blinds are delivered significantly quicker than our competitors, hence our name!

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