Temporary Blinds

You don’t need to wait for privacy and light control after ordering your new blinds when you can get FREE temporary blinds to use until your order arrives!

Temporary blinds are a great solution for a variety of circumstances. You might have just moved into a new home, amid renovations or are waiting for your newly ordered window coverings to arrive, temporary blinds can be a great solution to regulate heat and light and keep your privacy in the interim.

Blinds Quickly knows that you ordered your blinds for a reason and no one really enjoys waiting, so we offer our customers FREE temporary blinds with every shutter and blind purchase.

Also, if you’re just looking to purchase some temporary shades for the interim between a more permanent solution, Blinds Quickly offers temporary blinds for purchase, with a price beat guarantee of 10% on any genuine retailer price for a comparable product.

Temporary blinds
Temporary blinds

What are temporary blinds?

Temporary blinds – also known as paper blinds or adhesive blinds – are a little known but excellent window covering solution for short term use, for example those waiting for their permanent fixtures to arrive, or those on a tight budget. Temporary blinds are also an excellent solution for those who living in rental as they can be easily installed and removed without causing any damage.

Why should I choose temporary blinds?

If you’re considering whether temporary blinds are an option for you, one of the biggest factors has got to be the price. Temporary blinds also have a variety of options to choose from, including varying levels of thickness to control the level of light that enters a room, including black out curtains to create a completely dark room. Other benefits include:

With so many benefits, it is certainly not surprising that temporary blinds are becoming such a popular short term or budget solution for window coverings.

Temporary blinds

How do you install temporary blinds?

Temporary window shades are very simple to install and remove. All you need to do is:

And then when the time comes to take them down, simply peel off, and remove any remaining adhesive on the sill. No damage!

Temporary blinds installation

Keeping it real with the best price on temp blinds

With years of experience and a passion for great customer service, the team at Blinds Quickly makes sure none of their customers are left with their windows bare. Whether you’re waiting on your order for shutters and blinds with us, or you’re simply looking for a standalone temporary solution – we can help.

We supply free temporary shades to our customers while they wait on orders so that their privacy and comfort isn’t compromised and offer temporary blinds for purchase all over Australia to those who need them as a separate product.

If you’re looking for an Aussie company that is competitive on prices and an alternative to sourcing your temporary blinds from Ikea, Bunnings, and Spotlight – you’ve found us!

Call the team today or submit an enquiry, and make sure those windows get covered today!

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