Roller Blinds

What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds sometimes also referred as Holland blinds are a common window covering option in Australia because of their style and simplicity of use. Roller blinds come in either a single or double style, referring to the layers of fabric used to create the blind. The blind is constructed with the fabric wrapped around a casing and fitted to the top of the window frame either within and outside of the window recess and operated by a pull cord attached to the bottom of the blind or side winding mechanism attached to the blind casing. Roller blinds can come in manual and motorised options, allowing for simple automation where applicable. Contact Blinds Quickly about motorised automation today!

As double blinds use two different pieces of fabric, you can take advantage of two different fabric types to create the most functionality from your blinds. For example, you could have both blackout and translucent blinds or choose different colors and patterns to change with overall feel of a room with ease. If you’re looking for a versatile window covering, roller blinds from Blinds Quickly are definitely the smart choice!

roller blinds
Roller Blinds - roller blinds

Blackout shades

Blackout shades are designed to eliminate the majority of light coming through your windows. It can help to improve your sleep or block daylight if you have a non-traditional sleep schedule. Blackout shades are also great for privacy, improving insulation and blocking out UV rays. Overall, blackout curtains help keep your energy costs down and prevent the sun from fading your furniture.

Sunscreen shades

Sunscreen shades are a step down from blackout shades; in essence, they allow more lights to filter through the window than their darker counterparts. You can allow sunlight to filter through UV screening fabric and enjoy the view from your window while still maintaining solid insulative properties to prevent UV rays and damage to your furnishings.

Roller Blinds - roller blinds
Roller Blinds - roller blinds

Translucent shades

Translucent shades offer the benefit of plenty of daylight but still offer privacy. These shades offer a good balance with the double benefit of block out blinds and sheer fabrics, allowing you to view the beauty outside with privacy and comfort inside.

Sheer shades

Sheer shades are the most translucent option available for roller blinds, allowing for the most amount of light to enter the room. These shades do not provide the level of privacy of its thicker counterparts, but they will certainly block the view of any nosy passersby.

How do you measure up for roller blinds with Blinds Quickly?

Correct measuring is the key to easy, hassle-free installations, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Our roller blinds come in a variety of materials, with a variety of thicknesses, each for different purposes around the home. They can be rolled up to reveal the whole window or at a height of your choice for sun filtration purposes.

To measure for roller blinds you’ll need a metal tape measure, a pencil, paper, and a sturdy step ladder to get to high places.

Recess fit roller blinds

Recess fit is where the blind sits neatly the inside of the window frame.

To measure for recess fitting blinds, simply measure the width of the inside of your window.

Measure across the top, in millimetres and record the measurement. This will ensure the blind will sit comfortably inside the window frame. Please take note of anything sticking out into a reveal that may impede on the blind when it is rolled down like a splash back in the kitchen of a skirting board. If so, deduct the thickness of that obstruction from your width measurement.

Next measure the exact height of the window recess. Record the biggest measurement.

Note that we make a standard 3mm deduction to the width of all our recess-fitted blinds. This is to make sure the blinds sit snuggly inside your recess. So, all you need to do is provide us with the recess measurements.

roller blinds
Face fit roller blinds​

Face fit roller blinds

Face fit is where the blind sits on the outside of the window frame.

To measure for face fitting blinds, first measure the outside width of the window frame.

Measure across the top, in millimetres and this time record the measurement.

Next measure the outside height of the window, starting from the point at which you’d like your blinds to sit above the window, down to the point at which you’d like your blinds to finish.

Again, take the biggest measurement from the left, the middle and the right and record the largest measurement.

Once you’ve recorded your measurements head over to the product page, customise your order and we’ll send your beautiful new blinds perfectly sized for your window.

Get Roller Blinds for your home or office with Blinds Quickly

Simple enough to be installed on nearly any window, roller blinds are the logical and stylish choice for your home or office. With our factory direct business model, Blinds Quickly can provide you with your roller blinds quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Don’t hesitate, contact Blinds Quickly today and let us get your roller blinds measured, ordered and installed.