Vertical Blinds

Stylish, modern and classic window coverings, perfect for your home or office!

When you hear the term vertical blinds, most people will be able to picture exactly what you are referring to…and so they should. Vertical blinds are a classic! Used for their practicality and versatility, vertical blinds from Blinds Quickly are the perfect choice for adding style and elegance to your home or office.

Vertical blinds offer you the ability to control the amount of light entering your home. The headrail is connected by a chain or cord system with rotating brackets called wand holders that run vertically along the length of the window frame. The blinds can then be operated by a chord pulley mechanism that allows the user to open and close the blinds and rotate the louvre panels to any angle within the 180-degree range, either to let in the light or enjoy the view.

Vertical Blinds - vertical blinds
Vertical Blinds - vertical blinds

What are the benefits of vertical blinds from Blinds Quickly?

Each variant of blind has associated features and benefits and vertical blinds are no different. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular choices for homeowners and it’s not hard to see why. Vertical blinds can be chosen in a variety of colours to suit the existing décor and colour palette. They are stylish and take up minimum surface area, so are ideal for large window areas positioned behind existing furniture. If you have a large glass porch entryway, the chances of you being able to shade this large open window area efficiently are quite slim. Vertical blinds offer a potential solution as they can be installed overhead, drawn across the doorway and continue to have proper access. Large windows and patio doors are also suitable candidates for vertical blinds, creating an aura of class in a room. When compared to alternatives such as roller blinds that may become awkward when covering a large area, the draping fabric louvres of vertical blinds make for a gentler shading impact that is more functional in a larger space.

Vertical blinds: the interior design masterpiece!

In terms of interior decoration, vertical blinds have a lot to offer. Louvres can be manufactured in a wide variety of colours and prints to complement existing décor or create an exciting contrast in a newly styled room. Furthermore, vertical lines create stature in a room and can give the impression of a higher ceiling. Take advantage of this effect by installing them in rooms you find feel a bit too small or play up larger spaces to seem even bigger and more spacious. Vertical blinds are especially useful in rooms with tall ceilings where standard blinds can create an awkward shadow of the window on the ceiling. They look great on upscale homes and commercial buildings alike. Their unique design is sure to impress visitors and turn heads.

Vertical Blinds - vertical blinds
Vertical Blinds - vertical blinds

Functional and affordable verticals from Blinds Quickly

In addition to looking good, vertical blinds are also very functional. In rooms that get direct sunlight all day, they offer glare protection and help to block out harmful UV rays. They allow for easy ventilation by providing air to flow through the fabric panels when windows are opened. They offer added privacy for those who like to keep their affairs out of sight.

Choosing Blinds Quickly for your vertical blinds

With all the benefits associated with vertical blinds, it’s hard to go past this affordable option with Blinds Quickly. Direct from the manufacturer, Blinds Quickly can offer free measure and quotes, premium products, excellent warranties and excellence customer service and support… and on top of that, you are guaranteed the best price with Blinds Quickly. Don’t hesitate, contact the team at Blinds Quickly today and see how our vertical blinds can transform your space.

Vertical Blinds - vertical blinds