7 Ways to Achieve That Coastal Style in Your Home

Simplify your palette and embrace the natural look

One of the most classic styles in household decoration is the Coastal style, which embraces the simplistic natural aesthetic of the coastal dream, embodying and embracing the relaxing feeling we get when at the beach. Whilst some styles can have a heavy-handed approach, at Blinds Quickly, we’ve discovered that Coastal is all about light touches and relaxing atmospheres.

7 ways to get that natural Coastal look in your home

7 ways to get that natural Coastal look in your home

1. Go natural

Coastal style is about bringing the essence of nature into your home. By incorporating the same tones and textures for furniture, window treatments, and collectables you can embrace the natural materials such as:

  • Bamboo
  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Jute
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Rattan
  • Wicker
  • Wood
  • wool

Few fabrics feel as tantamount with the coastal style as the sleek, soft, and versatile linen. When it is displayed in classically coastal, soft, neutral colours such as crisp whites or warm beiges, linen adds a cosy feeling to even your most contemporary pieces.

1. Simplify your palette

Crafting a space that feels coastal yet modern begins with creating or simplifying your palette. The classic coastal space was filled with deep blues and bright oranges, however with today’s minimalistic modern tastes we want to pair back and keep things simple.

While we don’t want to totally forego colour, choosing a base colour that is soft and subtle will not only create a sleek space, but also compliment any natural light coming into the home.

2. Embrace natural light

Coastal living embraces the flow of light into the living areas throughout the home. Instead of diffusing the light and heat of the summer and warm winter breezes we love here in Australia, choose window treatments that don’t obstruct light. There are several window treatments options that will allow natural light into the home without taking any focus away from your property’s views:

  • Sheer Curtains & Sunscreen Blinds allow natural sun light in at a reduced intensity and provide a clear view outside with privacy during the day.
  • Translucent Blinds create a relaxed soft ambiance whilst also keeping the heat out.
  • Plantation Shutters offer a timeless coastal vibe that controls the level of privacy and light while also keeping the home cooler by still allowing sea breezes in.
  • Timber Venetians are a great way to incorporate natural elements into your home while providing privacy and airflow.

3. Create an indoor/outdoor flow

When selecting door styles such as stacked or sliding, bi-fold, or French doors, make sure they open wide to extend the outdoors inside and allow for a flow of fresh air, light, and lifestyle as the sun shines. By keeping your household surfaces simple it is easier to transition from indoors to outdoors.

4. Mix and match

When creating your coastal aesthetic, it’s important to remember what will work best for your window shapes and positions. Instead of trying to ensure your rooms have matching window treatments, try using the same shade or fabric for that cohesive look.

While one window may not get much light, you’ll want to use a sheer curtain to allow light to come in freely, whereas a window that gets the strong afternoon sun would benefit more from shutters or blinds.

Wood finishes

Mix wood finishes and don’t be afraid to embrace the mix and match of dark floorboards with raw timber or bleached wood. Many of the top beach clubs around the world mix and match all kinds of different timber types, stains and finishes in a space. It’s much more fun and natural to embrace the ‘collected look’ rather than stressing about everything being a perfect match.

White and wood

 Mix white and wood to create a warm and beautiful environment. Whether it’s the classic coastal combination of white walls with world weary timber surfaces, or white furniture with bleached wood flooring, it gives you more freedom to pick out beautiful items to be used decoratively instead of obsessing over how it all looks.

5. Don’t be afraid of colour

While the older coastal style picked very in-your-face shades of blue and orange, today we want to encourage you to pick a pretty and subtle pastel coloured paint for select walls. Gentle colours such as duck egg blue, can help create a welcoming, lovely, light, beach house look. Choosing a cool blue or other pastel that you enjoy will go well with the cream linen colours and wooden accents.

Subtle colour and wood

Match a subtle colour palette with wood for a calming space, a simple neutral palette can be just as effective at evoking those holiday feels. By layering up different weathered coastal colours and adding in natural materials will give your spaces plenty of texture and interest.

To avoid having a stuffy look, decorate with small groups in a haphazard way to help things feel more lived-in and relaxing.

Dashes of colour

Pick the best spots for your dashes of colour such as a hallway, the colour will reflect the light and with the addition of natural materials to make it feel welcoming, you’ll be able to create a subtle beach house interior.

6. Put a modern spin on Coastal favourites

Decorating can easily go overboard, especially when there are a lot of different pieces that you like. Instead of stocking up on beachy photographs and realistic-looking art, you can choose instead to include abstract pieces that allude to the ocean. This still allows you to create the feeling you’re after without overwhelming the space. Remember, minimalism is your friend when creating your coastal home aesthetic!

Get your Coastal window coverings from Blinds Quickly

Get your Coastal window coverings from Blinds Quickly

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