Buyers’ Guide to Venetian Blinds

Factors to consider in choosing the Venetian blinds

Window blinds are both functional and decorative, complementing the look of a room while providing cooling and privacy. In Australia, many prefer Venetian blinds, and for good reasons. This article discusses the type of blinds and why you should choose Venetian blinds from Blinds Quickly for your residential property.

What are Venetian blinds

What are Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are window coverings with horizontal slats, fastened by a string. Designed to be raised and lowered, the bottom slat is pressed unto the slat above it. Venetian blinds are popular because they are easy to maintain and stain resistant. Control of light and amount of privacy is effortless, and they are versatile enough to match any existing décor.

In addition, Venetian blinds with wide slats can create an illusion of a bigger window and lend more visual space to small rooms. With their horizontal orientation, Venetian blinds can be pulled to an angle that allows natural light in while still ensuring privacy. Fabric and timber are the most preferred materials for this type of window cover, and they are available in a wide range of slat sizes and finishes.

How to find the right Venetian blinds for your home

When looking for the right Venetian blinds, there are many things to consider, such as colour, size, material, and price. Window blinds are an investment so, naturally, a lot of thought goes into choosing the most suitable for the room.

The first step to buying Venetian blinds is to research; look for colours and patterns that would match each room. Some people like to mix them up. For example, they put plantation shutters in the bathroom, drapes in the bedrooms, roller blinds in the living room, and blackout curtains for the home theatre.

Here is a quick checklist of things to consider when buying Venetian blinds.

  • Is it a home, office space, or investment property?
  • What will suit the current design and style of the house?
  • Do the blinds stand out or blend with the interior?
  • Going for a traditional or contemporary finish?
  • Drapes, roller blinds, or honeycomb blinds from ceiling to floor?
  • Need to cover a sliding door or bi-fold door?
  • Looking to control light, gain full privacy, or improve insulation in the room?
  • Manual cords or chains or fully motorised operation?
How to buy Venetian blinds Off the rack or made to order

How to buy Venetian blinds: Off the rack or made to order?

Generally, there are two ways to purchase Venetian blinds: Buy them at the store or ask the manufacturer for a custom-made product. This decision will ultimately depend on time and budget.

Ready-made Venetian blinds

Ready-made blinds are designed to fit standard window sizes. As a result, they are much more affordable than custom blinds, and most stores can deliver them on the same day of purchase.

The downside to ready-made blinds is that installation is DIY. You must have the tools and time to fix the blinds to the wall. Nevertheless, there is an option to hire a blinds installation specialist for a fee.

Ready-made blind also cannot be customised. While ready-made blinds are available in various designs and sizes, they cannot be tailored to unique window styles.

Made-to-measure Venetian blinds

On the other hand, made-to-measure blinds are custom-made by the manufacturer or supplier. They can modify every single aspect of the product, such as the material, colour, finish, hardware configuration, and added fittings. Made-to-measure options are perfect for homes with windows that come in non-standard shapes and sizes.

The manufacturing process can take a week or more, depending on the detailed customisations required. Then, when the blinds are ready, trained professionals will deliver and install them on the windows. Made-to-measure blinds are more expensive, but more personal, than store-bought blinds.

Choosing the right material

There are many options for materials for Venetian blinds. For example, the buyer can go for soft, solid, flexible fabrics, timber, or slatted. When choosing the suitable material for Venetian blinds, make it a point to consider the general climate where the house is located. For example, metal blinds are great for places that get too hot in the summer, while wooden blinds do well in cooler cities.

Picking a colour palette

Selecting a colour for Venetian blinds is just as exciting as picking a new couch. However, going through different shades and hues can be overwhelming with so many colours available.

The most important consideration when deciding on a colour is versatility. Choose something that can easily blend with the room’s current style while adding a little personality to the space.

With the right colour, Venetian blinds can be a creative and affordable solution to a tired-looking room that badly needs a fresh look. For instance, dark colours work best for windows that face direct sunlight but can make small rooms appear even smaller. When putting up blinds in the nursery or kids’ room, colours should be fun and bright to create an engaging vibe.


Aesthetics aside, the most crucial factor in a buying decision is functionality. Some blinds let in plenty of light while others cut it off completely. Most window blinds are fitted with manual cords, while some are designed with motors. Knowing the purpose of the blinds can narrow down the choices when buying Venetian blinds.

Motorised blinds offer convenience, making them perfect for older people who can only reach from a wheelchair. Nightshift workers may require blackout blinds to sleep comfortably during the day.

Why choose Venetian blinds over other types of window dressing

Why choose Venetian blinds over other types of window dressing?

Light control

If the primary consideration is controlling the amount of light in any room at different times of the day, then Venetian blinds are the best choice, hands down. They are pretty easy to pull up and down to adjust brightness in a room.


Another benefit of Venetian blinds is preventing prying eyes even while allowing light in. Even if the blinds are open, nosy neighbours will have difficulty peeking into the living space. And if total privacy is needed, these blinds can also provide a complete shut-out.


One of the best features of Venetian blinds is versatility. They can be customised to fit awkward window spaces and special types of openings such as skylights. Install them in pairs or even trios to cover wider window areas. If an individual slat is damaged, it is easy to replace it rather than buy an entirely new set.


Finally, Venetian blinds are available in hundreds of colours and finishes to easily blend with different environments – from the living room to the bathroom or kitchen.

Choose Venetian blinds from Blinds Quickly

Choose Venetian blinds from Blinds Quickly

If you are looking for high-quality, stylish window solutions to improve the comfort, look, and value of your home, work with a reliable supplier such as Blinds Quickly. Our aluminium and timber Venetian blinds are the top choice of residents and businesses in Sydney, Newcastle, and Canberra. For orders or enquiries, call us on 1300 112 333 or click here to click here for a free quote today.