Ordering Blinds Online is Simple

A few clicks to order top quality blinds online

More Australians are turning to online shopping because it is more convenient and can be done even in their own homes. The CommBank Consumer Insights Report shows that 1 in 4 consumers have increased their online purchases, with 49% preferring domestic online retailers.

With this rise in online shoppers, many local shops have ramped up their online platforms to provide their customers with an efficient and convenient way of purchasing their goods and Blinds Quickly is no exception! Ordering blinds online is simple and can be done perfectly with a proper understanding of the product.

The benefits of shopping online for blinds

The benefits of shopping online for blinds

Ordering custom online blinds is simple, easier and often hassle-free. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Less time and effort
  • 24-hour shopping
  • Easy searching
  • Increased product knowledge
  • Money-saving
  • Get samples before ordering.

Less time and effort

What’s the best thing about shopping online? There is no need to leave the comfort and safety of one’s home to buy something. Simply log on to a trusted blinds seller’s website, choose the desired product and place the order. No waiting or queueing, avoiding crowds at the same time. Checking out and paying are simple, with plenty of payment options available.

24-hour shopping

Buying roller blinds online, as well as any other products, means there is no need to wait for the store to open. One can do it anytime, even on days and times when a physical store would be closed. So, there’s no need to miss lunch or wait for business hours to go to the store. Online shops accept orders 24/7 – it’s up to the buyers when they want to pick up their orders or have their custom blinds delivered.

Easy searching

The ease of ordering custom blinds online starts with the right supplier. Choose the best one, and the rest of the ordering process becomes virtually effortless. Buyers have access to a wide selection of roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and other products. They can go through every single option, such as materials, colours and designs.

Choose a few products, customise their size and colour, and move them to the shopping cart to be checked out later. The beauty of online shopping is that buyers can put as many items to the shopping cart and then remove unwanted products later with just a click of the mouse. This process is simple and organised.

Increased product knowledge

Buying blinds online in Australia allows customers to go through the unique features and specifications of each product. Online buyers can choose the item they want confidently, as long as they are armed with a detailed knowledge of the features and a sharp image of the product.

However, most of the time, buyers are in a hurry when they are doing their shopping physically. This limits their time in reading the product description and other details thoroughly. There is also the matter of navigating through a crowded store, which can hinder customers from scrutinising a product properly.


Buying standard and custom online blinds is relatively cheaper than buying them in physical stores. On top of that, online shops offer exclusive deals and discounts, allowing their customers to shop without breaking the bank.

Get samples before ordering.

Some people feel sceptical about ordering online. There is no need to be one of them. Most online blinds suppliers in Australia provide free samples. This gives their customers the chance to get a better sense and feel of the roller blinds online, custom blinds and other window treatments that they will buy.

5 tips for ordering custom online blinds

5 tips for ordering custom online blinds

When you are ready to order blinds online, here are a few tips that will make the transaction quick and easy:

  • Identify your needs.
  • Read the measuring guide.
  • Measure all windows.
  • Order free samples.
  • Read the installation guide.

1. Identify your needs

Before rushing to buy anything, make sure to create a list of each room that will need to be fitted with blinds. Determine the amount of privacy and degree of darkness that each room needs. For example, roman blinds can block out light and provide sufficient privacy when pulled down. For the kitchen, it would be a good idea to choose something easy to wipe clean.

You should also decide if you want the convenience of motorised blinds, the safety of a cordless lift system or just a standard corded design. Once you have decided on a particular product, you can check various online shops for the ones that meet your needs and your budget.

2. Read the measuring guide

An excellent online blinds supplier provides a measuring guide to help customers get the perfect fit. There are also online video tutorials on how to measure window blinds properly. This will allow buyers to order their blinds with confidence.

3. Measure all windows

The key to getting blinds that fit correctly is measuring every window. There should be no cutting corners or taking shortcuts, even if two windows look identical. Spending a few more minutes to measure each window before completing the order will save time and money. Remember to measure the entire window space and take into account any obstructions or recesses.

4. Order free samples

There is nothing more disappointing than getting a product different from what you saw online. Different computer or mobile phone screens can display colours differently to each other and to the real material from which the blinds will be made. To ensure that your blinds are precisely what you want, request free samples of items that you are interested in, to see which ones go best with the rooms.

5. Read the installation guide

You’ve found the perfect blinds, and you can’t wait to get started but, before you do anything, make sure you read the installation guide that goes with the blinds or shutters. The supplier should be able to tell you where you can download it if you want to study it beforehand. There are also online video tutorials that may make things simpler and clearer.

Order blinds online at Blinds Quickly today

Order blinds online at Blinds Quickly today

Blinds Quickly is here to make your blinds project simple, from ordering to installation. We provide excellent customer support, including DIY guidance and resources. We also offer free temporary window coverings that you can use while you wait for your order to arrive. Our blinds come with competitive prices and premium quality. Call us on 1300 112 333 to find out more or click here to request a free quote today and we will contact you back.