Temposhade® 3 pack

Standard Retail Box of Temposhade® 3 pack (see below for package contents)

Temposhade® blinds come in a box of 3 blinds and are perfect for covering any size window. Blinds can be overlapped to cover wider windows, or joined to make longer drops for those taller windows



Temposhade® Window Blinds are a quick fix instant paper window blinds. Temposhade® blinds are a cheap and simple way to cover your windows. Our Temposhade® 3 pack will cover a lot of glass quickly.
Simply cut to size, peel back the adhesive backing and stick!
Temposhade® now comes with alcohol wipes for degreasing the sticking surface before installation, and thumb tacks for helping to hold the blinds up for less sticky surfaces such as wood and plasterboard.
Landlord and student friendly, perfect for rental properties. Our blinds are also Child Safe (no cords or chains) so are safe for children and pets. Simply the best value temporary blinds you will find on the internet!


White Temposhade® blinds are perfect for giving privacy and reducing the overall glare from a window. Light is filtered through gently without any colour tinting due to the Temposhade® pure white colour.

Black Temposhade® blinds are perfect for reducing the light in bedrooms or any room, and are particularly handy for reducing the glare in TV rooms. No light will pass through the blind (you may still have gaps at the sides depending on how well you cover the window).

1 x box of Temposhade® Instant Temporary Blinds
Each box contains:
3 x blinds (89cm x 180cm)
6 x position hold clips
12 push pins for fitting to wood or plasterboard
2 x alcohol surface cleaning wipes
1 x printed instruction guide

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