Temporary Blinds: What You Need to Know

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Also known as paper blinds, temporary blinds are one of the simplest window treatments available. They are perfect for homeowners who are still waiting for their permanent window treatment. These blinds provide privacy and protection that’s quick and easy to install and they are a way better option to bedsheets or pieces of cardboard!

When to use temporary blinds

Anyone can use temporary blinds for their windows whenever they want. However, here are some instances when temporary blinds are usually beneficial:

  • After moving in and are waiting for a visit from a permanent blinds’ installer.
  • When on a tight budget.
  • When renting a place without blinds, such as a dorm or an apartment.
  • When deciding on a permanent window treatment solution.
How durable are temporary blinds?

How durable are temporary blinds?

You may be hesitant to use temporary blinds, thinking they are flimsy. However, with the latest advancements in their development and the help of technology, these blinds can last for years. In addition, these blinds now come in thicker paper materials, allowing them to provide better filtering of sunlight coming through.

Temporary blinds provide your home with more secure protection than just pieces of cardboard or sheets. Temporary blinds are also energy-efficient and can help with the home’s insulation. Thus, they can help reduce energy bills by filtering the heat that enters through the windows. However, temporary blinds should not be installed in damp places.

Why choose temporary blinds?

Why choose temporary blinds?

Here are some reasons to consider temporary blinds:

Temporary blinds are easy to install

When installing temporary blinds, you do not need to call home improvement specialists and professionals. Fortunately, these residential blinds are easy to install – most temporary blinds products are one-size-fits-all.

Should the window be smaller than the temporary blind, you can cut them to fit. If the window is wider, they can be installed overlapping each other to cover the whole width. Two or more can also be joined for taller windows.

Temporary blinds usually come with adhesives. There is no need for handyman tools and screws when installing temporary blinds. Peel off the adhesive backing and stick the blinds at the top of the window or the tip of other temporary blinds.

Temporary blinds are rental property friendly

Some rental properties do not allow tenants to make changes in the unit, no matter how big or small. As a result, the tiniest holes in the walls can be a source of dispute once the tenant decides to leave.

Temporary blinds do not leave any marks on the wall. Just peel them off and wipe any adhesive marks at the top of the window. This makes them the perfect window treatment option for student dorms. There is no need to fix any holes on the windowsill when it’s time to leave the dorm or the rental unit.

Temporary blinds are safe for pets and children

Window treatments with cords can be dangerous for children and pets and bring strangulation hazards. Every year, not less than 15 children fall victim to blind or curtain cords. Temporary blinds do not have any cords, making them the safer option for families with pets and children. Parents can install them in the kids’ bedroom and playroom to keep these rooms safe for the young ones.

Temporary blinds come in many styles

It may come as a surprise that there are several options when buying temporary blinds. Of course, each room and family have their individual lighting needs.

White-coloured temporary blinds are a perfect choice for rooms that need protection from glare and some privacy but still need some natural light coming in. They filter the light coming through the window while reducing the glare. These temporary blinds are well-suited for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

There are also temporary blinds that provide blackout functions, reducing the light and glare coming into the room. These are black-coloured paper blinds that let people sleep even during the day by not letting sunlight in. These blinds are ideal for bedrooms for a more relaxing and restful ambience.

Of course, temporary blinds can come in many other colours besides black and white, allowing you to use coloured paper blinds to add extra character to a room.

Temporary blinds look beautiful

Despite being a temporary solution for many homeowners, temporary blinds can make any room look beautiful. Unlike other quick solutions, like sheets and cardboard, paper blinds look neat and do not look sloppy and cheap.

Homeowners and renters do not need to sacrifice the beauty of their windows and homes. With temporary blinds, they can still have the privacy, protection, and light filtering they need, while still making the house look put together.

Paper blinds look clean and blend well in a minimalist setup, with neutral colour options for a modern and sleek appeal. Who says temporary and quick-fix solutions cannot be stylish and pleasant to look at?

Temporary blinds are not expensive

Compared to other non-permanent window treatment solutions such as roller blinds, temporary blinds are cheap. Homeowners can easily buy them in sets for a few dollars. This is why they are the perfect window treatments for student dorms and people who constantly move about.

Temporary blinds are also perfect for people who frequently change or update their interior themes. Changing temporary blinds is not as expensive and pretty easy to do now and then.

Temporary blinds are easy to clean

Simply take them off and dust them, then put them back in their place. If they look too dirty, buying a new set of paper blinds will not break the bank, they are eco-friendly and they are recyclable, making them a guilt-free purchase.

Are you looking for a high-quality window treatment? Check out Blinds Quickly today.

Are you looking for a high-quality window treatment? Check out Blinds Quickly today.

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