Find the Right Blinds to Protect Your Home this Summer

Learn about your options to get maximum comfort and protection this summer

With summertime just around the corner, it is necessary to start preparing your home for the rainy and cold season. The summer season may conjure images of sun-drenched beach days or lounging by the pool, but it can also bring along some discomforts.

At Blinds Quickly, we know that there are many ways to protect and shade the home and its occupants during summer. There are fixed shadings, such as trees and eaves, that can help cool down a home during hot days but installing window blinds is one of the least expensive ways to shade your home.

Blinds are functional and decorative window treatments that are available in a cornucopia of types, so you can best choose which window blinds suit your needs and preferences.

Why protect your home from the sun this summer?

Why protect your home from the sun this summer?

Some people are at higher risk of being ill during hot summer days. For example, people aged 75 and above may find summer days most uncomfortable, as well as babies and young children, who will need to be protected from the heat.

People with long-term illnesses and health conditions are also prone to becoming ill during hot days, that’s why it is necessary to protect the home from excessive heat and make it comfortable for everyone.

Keeping the heat out will also help your air conditioning system from overworking itself, which will in turn help you lower your energy bill, but it is not only the heat that can have harmful effects. Glare from the sun can cause eye pain and even headaches and sunlight can also cause discolouration of furniture and other interior surfaces.

How can blinds help during summer?

How can blinds help during summer?

Window blinds are as functional as they are aesthetic – while they do add to the beauty and appeal of a home, they can do more than just that. Blinds can:

  • Reduce glare
  • Keep sunlight out
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase the insulation of the house
  • Keep the hot air out.
What types of blinds should homeowners use during summer?

What types of blinds should homeowners use during summer?

With so many types of blinds available from us at Blinds Quickly, it is essential to choose the type that will give maximum cooling benefits. People looking for blinds to use during summer must consider the make and the material of the blinds. Here are some of the blinds that homeowners could consider installing during the summer season (click each one to find out more):

  • Roman shades
  • Honeycomb blinds
  • Solar shades and blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds.

Roman shades

Roman shades are usually made from thick fabric, allowing them to block sunlight and heat altogether. They can be lowered until they fully cover the whole window.

Choose roman shades that are made from heavier and thicker fabric. The thicker the fabric, the more insulation they offer, giving the room complete privacy as well as completely blocking out any sunlight.

Blackout roman shades are designed with energy-efficient properties that give a room excellent insulation. They are also perfect for bedrooms and places in the house that need privacy.

Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, are one of the best choices here at Blinds Quickly for blocking out heat and sunlight. They can block out UV rays and help create a cooler ambience inside the house.

Honeycomb blinds are made of pleats that fold up and down and insulated honeycomb blinds contain air layers that form a honeycomb shape, resulting in reduced heat conduction.

These insulated blinds also offer homeowners excellent privacy and significant savings on their energy usage as well as looking great, lending a modern appeal to any home interior.

For homeowners who prefer a little natural light coming in but want to filter out heat, honeycomb blinds let in soft and filtered light. There are also darkening blinds for those who want maximum insulation.

Solar shades and blinds

Solar shades and blinds can have a UV protection of 90% or higher, reduce glare from the sun and absorb the heat that’s coming inside through the window. Solar shades are the perfect choice for windows that are directly facing the sun. Since they have a higher UV protection, they help prevent any fading from the furniture and other surfaces.

Homeowners can choose the opacity level of their solar shades. The opacity level is indicated as percentages. The lower the opacity level, the higher the UV and sunlight protection that a solar shade provides.

Those who want more light to come in can choose solar shades with higher opacity levels (around 10%). Think of opacity level as the openness of the solar shade, determining the amount of sunlight that can enter the room.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds, also known as vertical blinds, can help reduce the glare and heat coming in through the window. The slats do not insulate as well as other blinds during cold months, but they provide flexibility during summer days and are easily adjusted.

Adjusting the position of the slats give the homeowner control over the amount of light and heat that he wants to come in. Highly reflective Venetian blinds can significantly reduce heat conduction when completely closed. Aluminium Venetian blinds are the best choice for heat control because of its ideal thermal properties.

Roller blinds

Also known as Holland blinds or block out blinds, roller blinds can be used to block out the sunlight from the window completely. These blinds can come in different, usually thick, fabrics, to block out light and heat.

Most roller blinds are made with UV protection properties, increasing the comfort level of a room. Moreover, they are customisable, and the homeowner can choose between translucent roller blinds and double roller blinds. Translucent blinds let some sunlight in, while double roller blinds give homeowners excellent UV and heat protection.

What makes roller blinds even more ideal is that they do not absorb heat – they deflect the heat that goes through the window.

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Contact Blinds Quickly for your window blinds needs in Sydney, Newcastle, and the Central Coast

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