How to Choose the Perfect Set of Blinds

Factors to consider when shopping for the ideal residential blinds

In addition to making a home more visually appealing, blinds can make a house more comfortable and energy-efficient, not to mention more private and intimate, however, with so many types of blinds available in the market, it can be confusing to find the right type of blind.

Factors to consider when choosing blinds

Factors to consider when choosing blinds

When shopping for window blinds, consider where they will be installed, along with the following considerations:


Perhaps the most important factor that buyers should consider in looking for the perfect blinds is privacy. We might be comfortable with neighbours seeing some parts of our home interior, but each room of the house requires different levels of privacy, naturally.

Natural light

Research shows that natural light affects the learning and mood of everyone in the room. It can help make people more productive and efficient. Exposure to natural light also benefits people with anxiety and depression. It likewise helps people suffering from insomnia and improve the quality of their sleep.

There are rooms in the house that will significantly benefit from natural light. However, there are also parts of the house where natural light may not be necessary at all.

Of course, some may want sunlight coming in at some time. Fortunately, there are types of blinds that are versatile enough. For example, roller blinds allow homeowners to let maximum light in when they want to. Roller blinds can also be pulled down for full coverage for those who want privacy or protection during hot summer days.

Window shape and size

The shape and size of the window are significant factors that affect the choice of window blinds. For instance, narrow windows will look great with horizontal blinds. For bigger and wider windows, vertical blinds may be the better option. Vertical blinds are also perfect for windows with irregular shapes. Remember that the blinds must fit the windows or doors perfectly to function properly. Blinds that fit perfectly also look neat.

Custom-made blinds vs. ready-made blinds

Ready-made blinds may be more affordable, but there is a risk that they will not fit properly, or you might not be able to choose the specific features that you want. Yes, custom-made blinds are more expensive and take time to arrive, but the fit and look is superior.


Homes with children and pets may want to avoid blinds with cords. Blind cords can unfortunately strangle a child or a pet when they play near doors or windows. There should be no exposed dangling cords to ensure the safety of young children and pets. But that doesn’t mean a window blind has no cords when there are no visible strings. Some supposed cordless window blinds may still have cables on their backside.

These days, there are safety cords available, or it is possible t cut the cord loop, so that 2 separate cords will dangle down in a safer manner.

Cleaning and maintenance

Sooner or later, newly installed window blinds will collect some dust and dirt. Soon enough, it will be time to clean them. Clean window blinds do not only look better, but they are also better for the health of everyone in the house.

Some types of window blinds are easier to clean compared to others. Faux wood blinds, for instance, are easy to clean. All you need is a piece of microfibre cloth (or a vacuum cleaner for more stubborn dirt build-up).

Roman blinds made of fabric are easy to clean as well. A vacuum cleaner can remove debris, or you can simply wash them. Vertical blinds and cellular blinds are also easy to clean using a vacuum.

The style of the room

The choice of window blinds for the doors and windows should match the style of the room where they will be installed. For example, a minimalist and modern-looking room will benefit from clean-looking, neutral-coloured blinds. On the other hand, Roman blinds are perfect for small, modern rooms since they give the illusion that there is more space. They also look clean and simple when in neutral or subtle colours.

Colourful and bright blinds can make a room look brighter. They likewise look perfect against a pale wall. Of course, you can also make a room’s focal point with the blinds. A window blind with a bold design can stand out in a room and be talking point, even.


For many, budget is the ultimate factor in choosing the right window blinds. Most of the time, we have a picture of the ideal window blinds in our minds but might feel disappointed when we realise the costs involved.

In this case, vertical blinds may be the best option for functional, appealing, yet affordable and versatile window blinds. A more natural-looking interior can be created with faux wood blinds, which are more affordable than authentic wooden blinds.


For increased home energy-efficiency, look at the type of window blinds you are using – the right window blinds can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Cellular or honeycomb blinds provide excellent insulation, for example – they act like double-glazed windows and trap air within them, preventing heat loss and gain. Window blinds made from insulating fabric are also a great choice and can restrict air from going in or out through the window.

Check Blinds Quickly for Your Window Treatment Needs in Sydney, Newcastle, and Canberra.

Check Blinds Quickly for Your Window Treatment Needs in Sydney, Newcastle, and Canberra.

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