The Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Curtains and Blinds

What to remember and what to avoid, when mixing and matching curtains and blinds

Sprucing up your home’s windows adds personality, style, vivacity and warmth and, with added details, you can create a different mood for each room of the house.

Aside from aesthetics, getting the right window treatments allows the right amount of natural light to come in. This means getting that much needed Vitamin D without getting scorched! This is especially true when summer gets pretty intense.

Deciding on the right window solutions also serves functions such as privacy, energy efficiency, and sleep regulation. With all these considerations in mind, a homeowner may feel stumped. Will it be shades, curtains, blinds, or draperies? The team at Blinds Quickly is here to help.

Blinds and curtains can make the perfect combination

Blinds and curtains can make the perfect combination

Modern homes welcome the idea of layering blinds with curtains. What used to be a toss between these two windows treatments could now be a beautiful combination. Combining a hard window treatment and a soft window treatment achieves many things.

This style adds depth and warmth to a room and allows you more control over light regulation, noise reduction, and privacy, but it needs to be executed carefully. In this article, we list down some things that might help those who are looking to layer blinds and curtains in their homes.

What are some considerations when pairing curtains and blinds?

Here are some things to remember to successfully layer your blinds and curtains (click on each one to find out more):

  • DO decide on the type of blinds first.
  • DO use long curtains.
  • DO get wide slats.

DO decide on the type of blinds first

The blinds serve as the bottom layer and the foundation. With the right kind of blinds, you will know how to add the other details.  For a beautiful layered look, it is best to pick neutral-coloured blinds – the under layer must look subtle and not overpowering. Strong-coloured blinds allow fewer options when adding more details. Either way, Blinds Quickly have such a wide range that you are bound to find the style that suits you and your rooms!

The functionality of the window treatments also falls mostly on the under layer. Do you want a blacked-out room for better sleep or to block out the heat for a comfortable stay inside the room?

Knowing what you want your window treatment to achieve would help in choosing the right type of blinds. The top layer, or the curtain, also helps in achieving the desired effect, but the bulk of the work is done by the blinds.

DO use long curtains

Layering adds dimension to a room and going the extra mile of having two window treatments makes the room more pleasing to the eyes. One simple rule to get a stunning effect is to go high and wide with the curtains. Position the rod way above the window frame or even close to the ceiling. Extending a few inches on both sides would also do the trick and remember to measure the full height of the wall where the window frames are.

The right length of curtain will puddle slightly on the floor or be a half-inch shy above it. This length creates a dramatic effect, making it ideal in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

DO get wide slats

When choosing blinds, go for wide slats. This type offers more flexibility and can let natural light come in easily. As well as blocking heat and light and giving privacy when needed. Wide slat blinds are also low maintenance.

What should you avoid when combining curtains and blinds?

Layering curtains and blinds could turn into a futile exercise unless you follow the guidelines below (click on each one to find out more):

  • DON’T go overboard with print.
  • DON’T be monotonous.
  • DON’T overlook window hardware.

DON’T go overboard with print

Going heavy with the print can make a room look crowded, poorly considered or cheap. Basically, there is no need to overpower a room with printed blinds and curtains – unless that is the style being aimed for.

Some practical ways to avoid overcrowding window treatments include having neutral-coloured blinds and printed curtains, as well as having solid-coloured blinds and curtains that complement each other.

Also take into consideration the furniture in the room. If there are bold patterns on the couch or the bed, choose solid-coloured curtains and blinds that would complement the furniture and ensure your window treatments blend with the overall theme of the room.

DON’T be monotonous

There is no hard and fast rule that says blinds and curtains should be the same in every room of the house. On the other hand, you may always give the room its full aesthetic potential by changing styles from room to room.

That said, it is important to note what kind of mood to create for each room. From there, decide on the prints you want on the curtains and the colours of the window treatments.

Lively colours and designs go well in a child’s room, for example, and muted colours might be better for individuals who find it hard to sleep. Similarly, soothing colours and prints reminiscent of water work best in bathrooms. Call in to Blinds Quickly in Condell Park, near Bankstown to see which options will suit you best.

DON’T overlook window hardware

It’s common to overlook the window hardware or curtain rods when working on curtains and blinds. Don’t commit this mistake.

For example, shiny curtain rods could break the powerful combination of blinds and curtains. To avoid this mistake, go with matte finish curtain rods. This type can blend well with a range of blinds and curtains’ colours.

Are you ready to start with layering your window treatments?

Are you ready to start with layering your window treatments

After studying the dos and don’ts of pairing curtains and blinds, you might be eager to start layering. If so, Blinds Quickly is ready to help you achieve the most function and aesthetics with your window solutions. Call us today on 1300 112 333 or email us at Alternatively, send us an online message by clicking here or visit us in person at 4/54-56 Harley Cres, Condell Park NSW 2200 and our team will be more than happy to assist you.